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Selected Works

Factorio Mod Manager

Factorio Mod Manager

This is a mod manager for the game Factorio. Written in Javascript with node-webkit and jQuery.

Javascript Calculator

Javascript Calculator

HTML and JavaScript Calculator as an exercise for freeCodeCamp.

Pomodoro Clock

Pomodoro Timer

A timer for the Pomodoro time management technique.


My name is Steffen and I'm from Germany. I've learned mechatronics and worked the last decade in maintenance of industrial automation equipment and as a workshop foreman.

Programming was always my hobby. I've started with HTML in 1998 and since then tried several languages like JavaScript, VisualBasic, JAVA and PHP.

Now I'm refining and improving my JavaScript, HTML and CSS skills to find a job in the growing market of front and backend web development.

My other hobbys are sailing and tinkering with electronics and 3D printers. I also have a radio amateur license.

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